Are you a list junkie?

Do you make lists? Grocery lists? To Do Lists? Do you make lists for your work day? I love lists and find them extremely motivating. I've been known to add the smallest task to a list, just because I enjoy the sense of accomplishment when I cross it off. Things like, "rinse out coffee cup," "put on makeup," and "feed dog."

Here's a quick tip on how to use your everyday list to grow your business. When writing your daily To Dos, add one small thing for the future. What do I mean by "the future"? Choose one easily doable task that would help your business grow. Don't make yourself crazy with something huge, like "redesign entire website," or "get 3 new clients."

Choose a tiny task that can be handled in one afternoon, like:
  • Ask Teresa who designed her new website.
  • Call that guy I met at the mixer on Thursday.
  • Google "best free email marketing services."

It's very easy to get bogged down in the mundane activities necessary to run our business. We are so busy keeping up, we don't take the steps we need to plan for the future. By keeping our eye on tomorrow, our todays go more soothly.

At Black Book Marketing, we know running your own business can be challenging. Drop us a line if you would like help making your next move.

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